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2014 Client Survey – Client Reviews

THANK YOU to each client who participated in our survey!

Congratulations to client Mark M. who was randomly chosen (using as the 2014 Client Survey Winner! Mark received the $500 Amazon gift card!

K.P. Monaco & Associates does an excellent job for me and my business.”

-Mark Marincik


“Karen Monaco has always treated us fairly; been available for any questions, and has gotten us the maximum amount of refund for us!”

-Nancy Whitted

Been with Terry and You since 1977 so I guess I am satisfied.”

– Robert A. Murzin

“I had many changes on my filing status this year. It is nice to have access to Karen. I have patronized this agency since its inception and by its original founder for 20+ years. Not going anywhere!”


“Karen is absolutely amazing. She is savvy, smart, and efficient, always returning emails within minutes and giving us exactly the answers we seek. We wish she could run our lives for us like she runs her business!”

-Arthur Chang

Been having my taxes prepared for a few years there, a little disappointing on last years return. Would like some recommendations on ways to safe regarding my wife’s own business. I would like some advise on how to save.”

-Billy Smith

“Meeting with Karen Monaco over the last 10 years( maybe more) for our taxes has been a very comforting, easy and pleasant experience. Her associates and assistants are professional, yet always have time to ask about our family. Taxes mean prompt responses from your CPA, and Karen delivers!”

-Kashmira Mistry


“We have been using K.P Monaco and Associates for more than 8 years. They have always answered any question we have about our taxes. We have called K.P about what we could do with our taxes when you sell your home at a loss, purchase a new home, education finances, and many more. They have always been prompt and very professional when we have asked any question. I highly recommend their service. We tried doing our taxes one year on our own and did a comparison with K.P Monaco and they were able to give us a better tax return than if we filed on our own. Go KP!”

-Bruce and Maria Hillebrand

“KP Monaco has been doing my taxes over 20 years. They are exceptional. I will never go anywhere else!”

-Cindi Kelley

K.P. Monaco & Associates has provided tax return services for me and my husband for ten plus years. This has included investment property and state tax preparation. Their service provides peace of mind that all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted to ensure accurate annual and timely processing of our tax returns. We also call from time to time, throughout the year, for guidance regarding withholding/asset distribution information. For these reasons, we highly recommend their services.”

Cynthia Butler

Great professional advise, returns preparation and followup support after returns have been filed with the IRS.”

– Phil Morris

My wife and I chose to use the services of K.P. Monaco & Associates for our 2012 Tax return. We paid the fee for services and were given a receipt. A few months later we received a letter in the mail notifying us that their records indicated that no payment was ever received. After a few phone calls, I drove to their office and presented the receptionist with the receipt. She took the receipt to another office and returned shortly thereafter. No apology from any of the staff was ever given. As we approached the filing date for our 2013 tax season, we decided to sever ties with K.P. Monaco & Associates. We had to file an extension with the IRS in order to collect a few more documents. While I was meeting the representative from the IRS, I was notified that our 2012 Tax records indicated that one particular 1099 was not filed for my wife’s business. It turns out that it was over looked by the accountant that handled our filing. Now we will be charged penalties and interest by the IRS for K.P. Monaco & Associates’ mistake. My wife contacted the accountant we used, Michele Evans, and no explicit responsibility of this error was ever acknowledged by her or K.P. Monaco & Associates. Ms. Evans did attempt to claim that the 1099 in question was never included in the paperwork we provided to K.P. Monaco & Associates. However, we were able to disprove this argument; the 1099 was in the package of paperwork that was returned from Ms. Evans for our records. Ms. Evans agreed to reimburse us for any fees and penalties we will have to pay. As the services we invested in were not completed as per our agreement, I would prefer a full refund. We paid the fee we were charged with no question, for the PROFESSIONAL services of a CPA, to avoid these headaches. Once again, no apology from any of the staff was ever given. I can only manifest the anger I feel towards our experience with K.P. Monaco & Associates, specifically Michele Evans, into two words: PROMISSORY ESTOPPEL.”

Santiago Rosales


-Vicki Hughley

“I was very happy at how quickly my tax preparation was done even though I didn’t give K.P. Monaco & Associates a whole lot of time to complete it before April 15th. This was my first experience using a CPA. It has felt very reassuring having professionals in my corner to make sure all my i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Thank you!”

Pamela Evangelsita

I had to pay, but it could have been worse. They found every deduction I could possibly get.”

-Don Armstrong

Great experience and always on time with my return.”

– Karen Harrod